The University of Salford’s Respect, Culture and Behaviour team (part of their student support) and other colleagues recently took part in tailored training delivered by Victim Support to help create a safer environment for all staff and students. 

By equipping universities with the knowledge and skills to address the impacts of crime, Victim Support’s e-learning and training programmes help to create safer, more inclusive environments where employees and students can thrive. Our training content is written by experienced professionals and we undertake a needs assessment for each organisation we work with to make sure they’re getting the most out the training.

Tanith Halstead, Head of Student Support at the University of Salford said:

“The Student Support team at the University of Salford are proud to be the first Victim Friendly University. We are committed to working in a trauma-informed way and in making this work a priority as part of our evolution as a university. The training was a brilliant start for us and generated some important discussion with our colleagues. We fully intend and will look forward to running more of these sessions with Victim Support in the future”.

You can find out more about our training for organisations on our website.