Our commitment to volunteers

Increasing our reach

By involving volunteers we are able to do more and reach more people. As well as additional resource, volunteers increase the range of skills, interests, life experiences and cultural backgrounds within Victim Support. They enable us to deliver services across large geographical areas, engage more effectively with underrepresented groups and respond to local needs. They also act as ambassadors for our work, raising awareness a as well as encouraging others to support us through volunteering or fundraising.

Increasing our impact

The range of skills and expertise volunteers bring enhance our work, with many sharing their lived experiences of crime. By involving volunteers we are creating a transparency and accountability to the public. The opportunity to work alongside and to manage volunteers provides excellent development opportunities for our staff. Volunteering provides individuals with opportunities to gain skills and experience and is an important aspect of our aim to deliver wider social value.

How do we approach volunteering?

We are committed to removing barriers to volunteering and making volunteering with Victim Support accessible for as many people as possible. We do this by being flexible and providing a range of opportunities to meet different commitment levels, availability and motivations. All volunteer contributions are valued whether it be an hour, a day or a lifetime. We also understand the need to devote staff time to effectively support, manage and communicate with volunteers.

You can expect Victim Support to support you while volunteering by making the following commitments to you. We will:

  • Communicate clearly with you
  • Ensure that you have a manager who you can contact with any questions or concerns that you might have
  • Keep you up-to-date with volunteering activities through the Volunteer Update, a monthly e-newsletter
  • Give you the correct training to enable you to carry out your volunteering role
  • Address any challenges or concerns in a fair and impartial manner
  • Uphold our values of equality and diversity. Find out more about our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy
  • Respect differences and act in an inclusive and non-discriminatory manner
  • Uphold our zero-tolerance to violence and aggression.

We will uphold our organisational values of being Empowering, Inclusive, Collaborative and Independent.

“I feel part of Victim Support because it values diversity, inclusion and fairness at every level.” – Faiz, Greater Manchester