Volunteer supporter

Our goal is to support victims of crime, but there is so much input across the organisation to make this happen. This includes the contributions of our volunteer supporters from various professional fields giving their time pro bono (free of charge).

Volunteer supporters use their professional knowledge, skills and expertise to provide a range of help and support to the organisation with specific projects or tasks. For example:

  • Providing wellbeing workshops, or CV writing sessions for other volunteers
  • Completing a day of activities with your colleagues to raise awareness of Victim Support
  • Providing regular or one off professional advice and assistance to our local and national teams
  • Being involved in local or national fundraising events
  • Becoming involved in and made aware of ad-hoc opportunities to support our local staff teams.
  1. Complete a registration form (approximately 10 minutes)
  2. Introductory chat with a staff member
  3. References, right to work and identification checks
  4. Get started!
  • Basic learning briefing sheet
  • Information security video

While mandatory training may be completed within approximately 30 minutes, other training relevant to the role may be available once you get started.